Invitation to AML KYC Pods Client Demonstration

Our KYC Pods are adaptive and proven to diagnose and treat the causes of financial crime risks effectively.

FDM  have successfully delivered over 15 remediation programmes across multiple jurisdictions and business segmentations.

Our AML KYC Pods are made ready to deploy. They provide you with the ideal resourcing model, incorporating FCA/international standards and best team practices to help you configure and manage your fit-for-purpose operation.

Key Benefits

✔️Agility and technicity
✔️Quantity delivered with quality outputs
✔️Immediate and ongoing provision of highly skilled full-time employees
✔️Reduced training time for onboarding consultants at client site
✔️Proactive model to grow, stabilise and sustain your KYC production
✔️Onshore quality at an affordable cost


We are excited to invite you to our virtual AML KYC Pods client demonstrations.

Get in touch to book your place today. Duration including Q&A is 30 minutes. We will aim to accommodate your proposed demo date and time to the best of our ability.